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Company introduction
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Company introduction

      LiuYangShi case letter to set off fireworks equipment technology Co., LTD. Was founded in 2004, the registered capital of 1 million yuan, is mainly engaged in fireworks set off equipment r &d, production and sales, is the biggest in the production of fireworks set off one of the control system is the enterprise. Faith is the industry of science and technology, one of the leading enterprises, as well as the country's first research intelligent fireworks control system one of enterprise. Grid technology developed product have believed music fireworks control system, intelligent control system, of small and medium-sized fireworks set series and wire control series, covering the high school the low end of the market, which FirePioneer series fireworks control system occupied more than 80% of China's market.

      The company has the first-class research and development ability, have a team of more than electronic communication and computer technology development team composed of senior engineer. The company can't use time of 4 years, with advanced technology and management and powerful enterprise cohesion, will set off fireworks this industry deduce becomes the modern, fashionable artistic creation. Since the company was founded, case letter equipment research and development input as high as 700 yuan. I company developed the second generation of fireworks set off system has been through scientific and technological achievements appraisal of hunan province, meet the domestic leading level. The system has been successfully applied the guangzhou 2010 Asian games opening and closing ceremonies fireworks set off, EXPO 2010 Shanghai world EXPO fireworks set off, the opening ceremony of the Beijing National Day 60 anniversary fireworks set off, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games paralympic opening and closing ceremonies fireworks, Beijing 2008 Olympics one-year countdown fireworks show, the Shanghai cooperation organization summit in these five anniversary of fireworks, dubai ZongLvDao large set off fireworks at home and abroad, such as the large fireworks set off hundreds of streak, burn the success rate reached 99.7%.

      At present, the company has developed including the fourth generation of fireworks set off system, six kinds big ten several different types of fireworks set off control system, suitable for all kinds of fireworks set off big small and medium. At the same time, we also can offer the first-class fireworks set off technologies, for customers with a comprehensive set off fireworks project service. The industry to give high appraisal: letter to set off fireworks music's development and use of equipment, to enhance China and even the world of fireworks set off level plays a role that cannot be ignored.

      The letter's science and technology efforts to acquire the numerous customer recognition, and has DongXin liuyang fireworks take group, jiangxi LiDu fireworks group, the panda fireworks and the United States such as gucci reputation set off the enterprise cooperation, and won the high appraisal of the industry. Letter to the development of science and technology's goal is to make domestic "fireworks set off control equipment brand brought person". The company will continue to increase science and technology innovation, improve their own management level, with wide industrial development to have any, for consumers to provide safe, reliable, and intelligence to set off fireworks product and unremitting efforts!

      In constructing the harmonious society in China environment, with domestic fireworks market "forbidden to limit", case letter will no doubt the industry has brought another spring.
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