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Technical support:

Thank you for your letter of case has always been in the love and support, main business equipment sales, equipment rental, and set off fireworks technical support, etc. If you need to negotiate the business support, please contact us, thank you!!!!

Service policy:

Since you take delivery date, you purchase the case of a letter any equipment will enjoy a year for the warranty nonhuman fault service, software upgrade service and a small free of fireworks set off technical support. At the same time, the case to provide paid market letter of fireworks equipment maintenance services.

Service policy:

Case for all the letter have purchased equipment provide free equipment use training service, service for liuyang case letter company. Technical personnel can be according to your request, to your designated place for equipment use training. Our technician training for the produced car brigade, board and lodging expenses will be responsible for you.

Technical service final interpretation LiuYangShi case letter set off fireworks equipment technology Co., LTD. All
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